Jack of all Trades, Master of “Some”

Jack of all Trades, Master of “Some”

  • Jan 17,2019
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Does this modified saying resonate with you? Do you have many interests? Did you switch careers, and yet you still remain interested in certain aspects of all of them?

My entire life I have been interested in international marketing, technology, teaching, teambuilding, communication skills, cultural diversity, and mindfulness, just to name a few. When I think about the common thread that connects each of these topics, I realize it is PEOPLE! Yes, I am interested in people, from a marketing point of view, from a technology point of view, and of course how people overcome personality differences and appreciate cultural diversity to work effectively in teams. Yes, PEOPLE are my passion.

The diversity of personalities amazes me: how we think, how we communicate, how we work in teams, what interests us, and what bothers us. If you add cultural diversity to this mix with the concept of high context and low context societies, in addition to the languages we speak, and how we make decisions then you are approaching consumer behaviour and how it relates to international marketing.

I often used to ask, “What is the area that I should be concentrating on in my business?” I have stopped asking that question. If it has to do with PEOPLE, then it will be relevant and I will probably gravitate towards it.

The question I pose is: As a Consultant, do you really have to be an “expert” in one area to succeed in business or social media? Or, is there a common thread that can be applied that can allow you to move seamlessly from one interest to another?

I believe that in this age of connectivity it’s fine to be a bit of a generalist and to follow your passion wherever it may take you. Maybe it’s acceptable to blog on different topics that don’t have any obvious commonality. Maybe your audience won’t be put off by jumping from marketing to teambuilding, and then from communication to cultural diversity, and ultimately, to anything that has to do with people.

Well, this is my humble view, I believe that people should be less focused on trying to develop expertise, and be more willing to explore the topics and areas of interest that they are passionate about.

Looking forward to hearing your views!

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