Are you Aware of Your Gifts?

Are you Aware of Your Gifts?

  • Jan 19,2019
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While teaching an undergraduate university class recently, I caught myself asking the students: “Are you aware of your gifts?” The students are young adults pursuing their post secondary education. I was not sure if they were thinking of their skills and natural talents as gifts. In this blog post I will explain exactly what I meant when I proposed this question.


When I was their age, I didn’t realize that we all have individual interests, distinctive talents, and unique skills that we bring to the professional world. Our role as we move through life is to unearth, develop, and harness those skills. The sooner we realize what skills we possess, the better our job search becomes. We become more focused on finding positions and careers within organizations that match our interests and talents.

There is a famous quote from the Latin playwright, Plautus, who says that “The greatest talents often lie buried out of sight.” I love this quote because it is so true! How many people have you met in your life or work career who are very talented, but take this talent for granted because they think that everyone else has the same gift? Throughout my professional career, I met many people who were gifted, but were not ready to discover or unearth their gifts. Sometimes it requires courage to admit that you do something well and maybe even better than other people. I look at everyone I meet now and wonder about the skills and gifts they possess. Maybe they know nothing about these gifts or have decided that it’s too risky to use them because it requires a change in direction. A way to unearth the skills you possess may come from thinking about what really makes you happy.

Do you sit and reflect about your bliss? What makes you happy?

“Bliss is that deep, fulfilling, sustainable, driving need you have; that thing that is the true ‘you’. Your bliss is your life’s purpose. Your bliss gives your otherwise meaningless life meaning.”

This quote is excerpted from the “5 Common Misunderstandings of Following Your Bliss – And What Bliss Really Means” found on The Wisdom Page. The sooner we discover our bliss, the better the quality of our life becomes. Notice that I am not saying it becomes easier! Discovering your bliss is a courageous act that might require sacrifices, however it is something that you will find to be rewarding in the long term.

So what are your gifts?

It is beneficial to do multiple assessments and talk to mentors or career coaches who question you to uncover those buried treasures that we are all given. No two people are identical. We are all unique in our gifts and skills. Start by asking yourself questions.

The following are some questions we use in various assessments:

  • Are you analytical and logical?
  • Are you a talented musician, artist, performer, sports player?
  • Do you like running and planning events?
  • Are you skilled and dextrous with your hands in electrical wiring, plumbing, and car maintenance and machining? Do you find it easy to trouble shoot problems?
  • Do you enjoy organizing and detailed project planning?
  • Do you enjoy computer programming?
  • Do you love challenges and risk taking?
  • Are you persuasive and have natural influencing abilities?
  • Do you like order and stability and can think of ways to better organize a task?
  • Do you like coaching others and enjoy human interaction? Do you like teaching?
  • Do you see the big picture or do you prefer to focus on parts of the picture?
  • Are you collaborative or competitive?

And there is much more to ask…So are you ready to uncover your talents?

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