Sinai Maple Featured in BIZ Hamilton Q4 2014 Issue

Sinai Maple Featured in BIZ Hamilton Q4 2014 Issue

  • Jan 19,2019
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Late October 2014 I got a phone call from Marc Skulnick, the Editor of BIZ Hamilton Magazine. He wanted me to be featured in the magazine as a Small Business which operates out of Hamilton. I felt so fortunate and happy to get this invitation. As a small business owner, I do a lot of networking and it felt good that it paid off. Sinai Maple was featured in the Section “Bits and Bites” in the Magazine.

Marc’s questions were very insightful and deep. He had studied my profile carefully on the website and on social media. He also arranged with Kate Sharrow, the Art Director, to contact me to arrange a Photo Shoot which she did by sending Kevin Patrick Robbins, a talented local Photographer. The Photo Shoot session was lots of fun as well.

The following were the questions and answers as they appeared.

Along with your husband, Khaled, you founded Sinai Maple in 2000. What does your company do?
“We founded H&K Consulting in 2000. Initially, we focused on assisting companies with business strategy development. In 2012, we decided to expand our offerings. We knew the name H&K wasn’t marketable, so we decided to choose “Sinai Maple” to signify the connection between our Canadian identity and our Egyptian heritage. We still help companies with business and marketing strategy development, as well as workshops on teambuilding, communication, and conflict management.”

Who has had the biggest impact on your career and why?
“My parents have had the biggest impact. They were both educators, who passed away before I was 30; however they still influence my career today. They taught me to be curious, service-oriented, open-minded, and to persevere. They encouraged me to be flexible with people and to accept change as an inevitable part of life. They advised me to find a career in any field, as long I can be of service and can make an impact on someone else.”

 How do you define success as a business owner?
“At Sinai Maple, we define success as finding creative solutions to effectively assist our clients with their business issues. Success means that when we do a follow-up with a client, we notice a transformation and improvement as a direct result of our business recommendations and workshops. Success also means staying in business and continuing to help more clients.”

Your career’s taken you from Egypt to Hamilton, with quite a few stops in between; what’s been a highlight so far?
“I met my husband while studying at Kuwait University. After marriage, we moved to Canada to study in Toronto. We lived there as a young couple and it was fun. We then moved to Waterloo, which is a wonderful city to raise a family. We relocated to Hamilton in 2000, which is where I stayed the longest in my life. Every place has highlights and fun memories!”

In addition to running a successful business, you also teach at McMaster University and mentor at Innovation Factory. How do you find time to relax?!
“It’s important to find time to relax! It’s also important to manage your time. I always unplug from electronic gadgets once a week, usually on the weekend. I also meditate regularly and when I have a chance, I practice yoga. Mentoring is not a full-time activity. It comes in spurts, and I enjoy it. Teaching is one of my favourite activities, and I find it energizing rather than tiring.”

The feature on Sinai Maple appeared in Q4, 2014 BIZ Hamilton Magazine. My picture was taken by Kevin Patrick Robbins. The Art Director for the Magazine is Kate Sharrow.

The link of the feature is as follows:
Hamilton Magazine – page 16

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