What I learned from True Colors®

What I learned from True Colors®

  • Jan 17,2019
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I first heard about True Colors® in 2009, before I started Sinai Maple, while I was still working as a Product Manager. The management of the company had sent some employees to take part in team-building and leadership training. Following their training, my colleagues came back and were constantly trying to analyze everyone in the company! Personality assessment methods have always intrigued me, and in 2012, I started to read more about True Colors. When I started Sinai Maple, I decided to become a certified facilitator for the True Colors personality assessment method.

From the very beginning, True Colors® clicked with me. It was easy to remember, fun to apply, and it helped me in many areas of my life. In this article, I will discuss five areas that improved as a result of my training as a facilitator: my family, colleagues, clients, in teaching and presentations, and most of all, myself.

True Colors helped me better understand and appreciate members of my family who have different personalities than me. It helped me learn how to improve my communication with them. As well, True Colors helped me understand my colleagues at work. Through a deeper understanding of differences, I realized why I had conflicts with some people and did not have conflicts with others. I also learned the importance of harnessing healthy conflict to improve a team. My ability to relate to my clients also greatly improved. Each client speaks in a different color language and True Colors allowed me to quickly interpret what my clients were really looking for.

I cannot understate the importance that True Colors played in my professional development. It greatly helped me in my teaching and presentations, as I am always working with so many groups with diverse personalities, and I am constantly adjusting my style to better connect with them. However, True Colors helped me the most by allowing me to better understand myself. Specifically, after learning about True Colors, I became more aware of what I say and how I say it in different situations. This is especially true when I am under stress, or, “when my colors fade,” as Mary Miscisin so eloquently puts it in her book, “Showing Your True Colors”. These are just a few notable areas where True Colors® has helped me and also why I am so passionate about spreading the word.

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