TeamBuilding for Tenant Associations at CityHousing Hamilton

TeamBuilding for Tenant Associations at CityHousing Hamilton

  • Jan 17,2019
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This is a post that I have been meaning to write for the last several months. Over February and March 2015, Sinai Maple ran a series of TeamBuilding workshops for several Tenant Association teams. These sessions were a part of the Tenant Engagement Strategy sponsored by CityHousing Hamilton. Over a period of four weeks, the Tenant Association teams participated and engaged on a journey of self- and peer discovery. I also had the privilege of getting to know them well and at the same time understand more about Hamilton CityHousing and how diverse and vibrant the Hamilton community is.


The TeamBuilding workshops covered True Colors® as an easy and fun personality assessment method where we understand who we are, our strengths, and our preferred communication styles. This leads us to appreciate the uniqueness we bring to our team and allows us to communicate better together. Improving communication among team members assists us in resolving conflicts in a more effective way.

At this point, there are two wonderful CityHousing people I would like to thank for helping me plan, set-up, and dismantle every week.

I’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to Ceilidh Wilson and Ahmed Mohammed! I am grateful for their assistance and support throughout the workshop. We held the workshops in the Common Room of CityHousing and we had to set up the room every week. In addition, Ceilidh and Ahmed exchanged information on what worked and what didn’t following each session because they collaborate closely with the Tenant Associations.

I would also like to thank all of the wonderful participants in the workshops for their discussions and contributions.

It is important to show gratitude when it’s well deserved. This was a great experience and I hope the participants benefited as much as I did. Thank you to everyone who was involved!

CityHousing Hamilton is the Housing Corporation owned and operated by the City of Hamilton. As of January 1, 2006, Hamilton Housing Corporation, Dundas Valley Non-Profit Housing Corporation, and the Municipal Non-Profit (Hamilton) Corporation were amalgamated into CityHousing Hamilton (CHH) Corporation. CHH consists of almost 7,000 units spread over 1,265 properties with over 13,000 residents.

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