Five Reasons why Sales Professionals should use True Colors®

Five Reasons why Sales Professionals should use True Colors®

  • Jan 19,2019
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Warning! Yes! This is a Sales Pitch!

Have you ever been in a sales meeting where everything went smoothly with the client? You found it easy to build rapport, to connect; and in fact, you even predicted the client’s objections and were prepared to respond. It is likely that you came out of that meeting feeling positive!

Then you go to another meeting, and NOTHING goes as expected. You would have likely came out saying it felt that you were both on different planets! In this case, you were clearly not speaking the same language, which made you feel uncomfortable and unprepared!


There is a simple answer, and takes a bit of practice to implement. When you and your client click, then both of you share similar personality traits, which often means, you see the world in a similar way. Your communication styles are similar, and in a way, you think alike.

Yes, I know! You will tell me that salespeople need to be versatile and learn to relate to everyone, but the truth is we DON’T. When we have pale personality traits (True Colors® Terminology), it becomes very difficult to relate to clients who possess these traits as well. On the other hand, when our bright/dominant traits are also shared by our clients, then it often seems like we’re on the same page, we click, and it’s perfect.

As a True Colors® Consultant, I see the value of personality temperament training for every profession, but even more so for sales professionals.


True Colors can help Sales Professionals with the following:
1. Understanding your natural strengths and weaknesses fully. This can be accomplished by finding out your palest/least predominant traits. These will be the qualities that are hard for you to relate to, the people who possess these qualities will be your most difficult clients.

2. True Colors assists you with what we call “Color Watching”, or reading your clients better. You can observe their body language, the language they use, and their environment if you get a chance to visit their office.

3. Once you understand yourself and can read your clients, you will be able to modify and adapt your approach to have more success in your sales meetings. You can learn to SPEAK their language and to communicate in their preferred style.

4. True Colors assists you in identifying the objections that might be raised by your clients. Each personality has a different focus and pain point. This can help you find your most preferred method to approaching a client.

5. Each personality also has a preferred method for following up to maintain the relationship, whether they purchase or not. You have to identify how to continue the relationship to achieve results.

Isn’t it time to learn more about how True Colors can help you with your sales development?

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