The International True Colors® Association Conference

The International True Colors® Association Conference

  • Jan 19,2019
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The International True Colors® Association Conference was held in Spokane, Washington in August, 2012. I attended both days to both learn and to network with the industry leaders.

This year the conference focused on building company awareness, and an introduction to all of the new research associated with True Colors®. There were several presentations by well known Master Trainers like Mary Miscisin, Bruce Maxwell, David Eng, and Dr. Bill Reid.

The first day included a presentation by Dr. Len Hutt on the results of current research in regards to True Colors® and teams. Brenda and Bill Reid from Nelson, B.C. discussed Attachment Theory and its relationship with True Colors. This was then followed by Overlaying True Colors on FISH Methodology by Mary Miscisin. Gordon Colledge, a fellow Canadian from Alberta, talked about the use of Colorbots for identifying the True Colors in children. Then a new product, Canine Colors, was introduced by Freddi Dogterom, also a fellow Canadian from Alberta.

We were all invited to Joe Richer’s house, the conference organizer, for dinner and True Colors games. It was a wonderful day and the weather was gorgeous.

The next day included a presentation by yet another Canadian, Brent Taylor, on how to relate to your mate. This was followed by a presentation by David Eng on the Ultimate Success Formula, then an additional presentation by Mary Miscisin on the subject of stress. Sherri Sutton provided very helpful tips for promotion by hosting a discussion on how to build awareness of True Colors as an assessment tool. The day concluded with an informative presentation on combining True Colors and Dependable Strengths.

Both days were rich with discussion, exercises, games, and interaction between the participants. Lots of knowledge was shared, and many insights were gained. I have never met as many Blue Facilitators as I met in this conference. It was a very rewarding experience!

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