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Book Review: “The Five Thieves of Happiness” By Dr. John Izzo

“The Five Thieves of Happiness” By Dr. John Izzo

During the 2016 Christmas holidays, I read the book “The Five Thieves of Happiness” by Dr. John Izzo. It seemed like a timely read as we were starting 2017. I’ve already read several other books by Dr. Izzo so I was familiar and comfortable with his easy flowing style. The premise of the book is that as humans, our natural state is “happiness”. We are all meant to be happy but there are FIVE thieves that take away this happiness. When we understand what is going on, we become empowered to transform and be HAPPY again.

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Ready for Business in USA!

Ready for Business in USARecently, Sinai Maple bid on a contract in the U.S.,and we won it! We discovered that we needed to fill a certain IRS form (e.g. W-8BEN-E in our case) to reduce the amount of tax withholding by the U.S. client. As we’re already a registered Canadian Corporation paying taxes in Canada, we are protected by a tax treaty between Canada and USA. The treaty means that we may be exempt from certain source tax withholding in the U.S. These tax withholding provisions can be 30% in some states.

To fill out the W-8BEN-E form, we discovered that we needed to get an EIN number.

So what is this EIN number?

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Sales Wisdom from an Oil & Herb Salesman in Cairo

Sales Wisdom from an Oil and Herb Salesman in CairoIn a recent trip to Egypt, I was fortunate to meet Ayman Yassen, a wonderful salesperson and the founder of Essential Oils & Herbs in 6 October City, Egypt. I was standing in the lobby of a tourist-filled hotel mesmerized when I saw customer after customer walk into the store and leave after purchasing something. I knew that Ayman had a gift for sales and I was really curious about what his techniques were that led him to be so successful so I asked if I can interview him and he agreed.
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Happy Anniversary!

Sinai Maple Anniversary Concept

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Sinai Maple is celebrating its fifth year anniversary! I must say that it has been an interesting, challenging, and rewarding journey. When we first started, we had no idea that we would have the privilege of working with such wonderful, dynamic organizations. We want to thank our clients, both old and new, and we look forward to working together again.
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Five Reasons why Sales Professionals should use True Colors®

Why Sales Professionals should use True Colors


Warning! Yes! This is a Sales Pitch!

Have you ever been in a sales meeting where everything went smoothly with the client? You found it easy to build rapport, to connect; and in fact, you even predicted the client’s objections and were prepared to respond. It is likely that you came out of that meeting feeling positive!

Then you go to another meeting, and NOTHING goes as expected. You would have likely came out saying it felt that you were both on different planets! In this case, you were clearly not speaking the same language, which made you feel uncomfortable and unprepared!


There is a simple answer, and takes a bit of practice to implement. When you and your client click, then both of you share similar personality traits, which often means, you see the world in a similar way. Your communication styles are similar, and in a way, you think alike.

Yes, I know! You will tell me that salespeople need to be versatile and learn to relate to everyone, but the truth is we DON’T. When we have pale personality traits (True Colors® Terminology), it becomes very difficult to relate to clients who possess these traits as well. On the other hand, when our bright/dominant traits are also shared by our clients, then it often seems like we’re on the same page, we click, and it’s perfect.

As a True Colors® Consultant, I see the value of personality temperament training for every profession, but even more so for sales professionals.

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Trust in Social Media

Sinai Maple Co-Founder, Dr. Khaled Hassanein, was recently quoted in the Financial Post speaking about the importance of third party validation when establishing third-party trust and credibility in online transactions.

Dr. Hassanein discusses how there can be issues for sites that allow vendor ratings. Vendor ratings can both encourage consumer confidence or force companies that publish trust ratings to spend a lot of time defending why they rated a company high or low.

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Five Similarities between Politics and Marketing

Target your customers
One day, a friend asked me, “why do you like politics if you like marketing this much? Are they related in any way?” This seemed like a strange question to me because in my mind, marketing and politics are closely linked. However, not everyone views it this way. I’ve always loved politics, not as a politician, but as an observer and analyst. Somehow marketing has always seemed like a natural extension of politics.

After pondering this question further, I decided to write about their similarities.

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True Colors® Introduction to Ontario Power Generation Trainers & Facilitators

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) facility in Pickering, Ontario
In June 2015, I had the pleasure of introducing the True Colors® Personality Assessment method to 120 trainers and facilitators at the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) facility in Pickering, Ontario. It was part of a Training & Development program designed for OPG trainers. Specifically, it is what they call a “Train the Trainers” event. This is an initiative that OPG takes very seriously. All their training professionals have to receive additional instruction to further develop themselves as trainers each year. On-going training and qualification are important, and are a crucial element to the nuclear station and power generation’s workforce.

The preparation for this event had been in the works for over a year. It included multiple meetings with the organizers, the Leadership Fleet staff, and a preliminary consultation to ensure that the material in the presentation covers all of the areas of importance to their trainers.
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TeamBuilding for Tenant Associations at CityHousing Hamilton

This is a post that I have been meaning to write for the last several months. Over February and March 2015, Sinai Maple ran a series of TeamBuilding workshops for several Tenant Association teams. These sessions were a part of the Tenant Engagement Strategy sponsored by CityHousing Hamilton. Over a period of four weeks, the Tenant Association teams participated and engaged on a journey of self- and peer discovery. I also had the privilege of getting to know them well and at the same time understand more about Hamilton CityHousing and how diverse and vibrant the Hamilton community is.

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What I learned from True Colors®

Discover yourself

I first heard about True Colors® in 2009, before I started Sinai Maple, while I was still working as a Product Manager. The management of the company had sent some employees to take part in team-building and leadership training. Following their training, my colleagues came back and were constantly trying to analyze everyone in the company! Personality assessment methods have always intrigued me, and in 2012, I started to read more about True Colors. When I started Sinai Maple, I decided to become a certified facilitator for the True Colors personality assessment method.

From the very beginning, True Colors® clicked with me. It was easy to remember, fun to apply, and it helped me in many areas of my life. In this article, I will discuss five areas that improved as a result of my training as a facilitator: my family, colleagues, clients, in teaching and presentations, and most of all, myself.
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